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13 months with this boy! I cant believe after 13 months of craziness i can still call you mine. Youre my everything. Yeah we have our ups and downs but every relationship does. I can go to sleep at night knowing that half of mt heart is with you. Because of you I now believe in “true love” I used to think it was only real in story books. But no, you showed me that someone can love you for a long time. I now believe in forever… and i believe that forever may be with you ♥ 7.29.12 the day I found my better half. I love you baby! Happy 13 months (:

Late night rants…

Either start dating or part seperate ways. Jesus christ people! Youre either together or your not. Every time i turn around I see ” its great not being angry anymore” or “omg he/she turned my day around” I get it you fucked one time and it was apparently “amazing” but just leave it alone! No one gives a shit! If you wanna keep fucking thats great. Do it in private… no one needs to know about it. No need to tell the universe your business. Facebook isnt youre personal diary… I get freedom of speach and shit but please! Cut it out. And if youre reading this I dont care. You have the right too. Its not my place to tell you right from wrong. But I can tell you that you sound completely stupid to the people reading the bullshit. Thats all it Is! Go off and get it in on your own time… not on facebook where the whole universe can see…

PRAY FOR THIS YOUNG MOTHER! Hannah doesn’t deserve what happened. Her two month old beautiful baby,Aubre,was taken from her at 10:58am yesterday morning. Hannah is a 17year old who had to grow up to fast due to being pregnant.and to know that her own brother killed this sweet innocent child is discusting. The world today is absolutely discusting. Hannah I know we don’t talk anymore. But I’m praying for you,Adam, and your family; and I hope Colin gets the help he needs. Stay strong Hannah, Aubre is away from that bad man. She’ll never get hurt again. she’s watching over her beautiful Mommy. RIP AUBRE ELIZABETH! God will take good care of you, I promise.


I love seeing these posts about relationships that people talk about. People want a perfect relationship… with no drama, no arguments, no jealousy. sorry sweety that only happens in pictures and in movies. Relationships take work from both sides. No matter how crazy life gets,there will always be room for improvement. Don’t let the little shit bother you. See this boy right here? This is mine and I fight for him everyday. I love him so much and would do anything for him. He’s my world. With out him my day doesn’t start.There is nothing that would make me love him any less. I have random mood swings and days where all I want to do is cry, but he’s there to hold me and make sure I’m okay. We may not be what 13yr olds call a “Tumblr Couple” but we are who we are. That’s all we could ask for. We may not be perfect, but we are for each other. So sweetheart stop the bullshit and grow up. Cause who will if you don’t. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DEAL WITH ITTTTT!!!!!!

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